Lead Abatement

Did you know that lead-based paint (LBP) is found in an estimated 70% of all residences, office buildings, factories, and other structures in the United States? Watson Corp. in Riverside, California, specializes in lead abatement to rid your home or office of the potential dangers.

The fact that a structure may contain LBP-coated components is not necessarily a cause for concern. However, when lead-based paint surfaces become damaged or are in poor condition, dust particles are released into the air. This can be dangerous to your health, as particles easily find their way into the bloodstream through ingestion.

Lead abatement is costly for homeowners and businesses. The lead and painting contractor and its employees must be trade licensed and hold a current Department of California Health Services certificate for the safe removal of lead-based paint that affects any living areas. Our painting contractors are fully certified for your protection.

Most Affected Population

Young children are the most susceptible to the dangers of lead poisoning. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control has labeled lead poisoning as the “…number one environmental health hazard facing American children.” Elevated blood levels have been shown to cause reductions in IQ, reading and learning disabilities, hyperactivity, and behavioral problems.
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